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Dynam Icanfly 1200mm foam planes

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The new Dynam ICanFly is ready to fly (RTF) with all electronics pre-installed. Just what its name says, 揑 Can Fly? users of all levels can fly this plane, even in windy conditions. Made for crash resistance and 3D aerobatic flight, this plane will impress.


- Perfect for all levels: Beginners, Middle-level users, or Experienced Pilots
- RTF: Ready to Fly right out of the box (Everything included and 90% assembled)
- Easy to construct with pre-installed electronics (motors, servos and speed controllers)
- Beautiful design and great details: Resembles a real plane
- Factory-finished with stunning appearances
- 3D Aerobatic Performance
- Construction: Lightweight, strong, and crash resistant
- Easy take off: effortlessly depart from the ground or your hand
- Powerful Brushless A21 Motor
- 18amp Brushless Electronic Speed Control
- Strong wing designed for smooth airflow providing exceptional stability, and great ease to control and fly even in wind conditions
- Full function 4 Channel compatible transmitter with mixing: Aileron control, Elevator control, Rudder, and Throttle.
- Durable pre-colored foam fuselage, wings, and tail
- Battery: High Quality Rechargeable 11.1V 1250mah Li-Polymer Battery for 20 minutes flight time (Upgradeable optional battery for even longer flight time).
- 90 Minutes auto peak detection charger


Wing span  :1200mm

Total Length:870 mm

Wing Area :20.4 dm2

Flying weight: 540g

Motor  :Brushless Outrunner BM2806CD-KV1200

Battery: 11.1V 1250mah Lipo battery

ESC :18A

Servo:9gX3pcs5CH Receiver

Package Contents

Dynam ICanFly Remote Control Plane Brushless A21 Motor ESC RTF

4CH Transmitter

Receiver, Brushless and ESC

Power Adapter

LiPo Battery Balance Charger

11.1V 1250mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery

Brushless Motor Propellers and Landing Gear

English User Manual

           Product Name: NE-KO 2.4G 4CH
           Product Description: 4CH Radio Control System Channel: 4 Channel
           Charger port: Yes
           Power resource: 1.2V*8"AA" BATTERY
           Voltage display type : LED
           lower Voltage warning: Yes
           Weight: 550g
           Product Name: 9g Servo
           Item: DY-1006
           Dimensions: 23*12*26.5mm
           Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees
           Torque (4.8V): 1.6 kg/cm
           Temperature Range: -30 to +60 Degree C
           brushless ESC,
           High performance,high quality,Features
           include automatic timing, auto NiMH detection,
           selectable LiPo cutoff,selectable acceleration,
           motor direction adjustment, Bec,low voltage cutoff,
           brake on or off, soft start, adjustable timing and adjustable frequency.
           let you have a happy flight