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 Detrum Z3 Flight Controller-- Upgrade Your Fixed-Wing to UAV  [08/22/2019]

3 years ago, we released the Istone RC Airplane Stabilizers (Istone Acro/Pro/All) and Gyro Integrated Receivers (MSR66A and SR86A), which had significantly enhanced the flight stability and safety, especially for hobbyist who just starts learning flying. In the event of the airplane losing control, the pilot simply turns the Auto-Balance switch and the stabilizing function will bring the airplane back to level flight.



As the pilot learn to fly and continuously makes more mistakes, the chance of crash increases as the pilot attempts to do more maneuvers. In addition, the airplane may quickly fly out of range and it would be too late to fly it back. A device that is smarter and provides safer flying experience, yet still keeps the fun of RC flying is imperatively needed.


The birth of Detrum Z3 Flight Controller bridges the gap and will provide unprecedent flight experience!


Z3 flight controller utilizes the computer technology, rapid data processing technology, control algorithm, sensor technology, communication technology and applies these technologies into the fix-wing flight controller, where the greater flight experience can be achieved with technical advancements. Together with other features, such as real-time voice broadcast and data logging, all these features will bring more fun of flight to more people. A new era of smart flight has begun.


In addition to all functions of Istone, Z3 also features with automatic home return technology. If airplane is out of visual control range, Z3 will be able to bring the airplane back and hover over the take-off point. With the unique attitude control algorithm, Z3 creates more fun by enhancing the safety, especially in windy weather, which essentially turns fixed-wing flight into UAV flight.


Z3 connects to the receiver on the airplane to provide the flight control. Z3 supports 5 flying modes: 1. Return Home Mode: once actuated, the airplane flies back to the location where it takes off regardless of the airplane flight attitude; 2. Normal Stabilization Mode: provide basic gyro function to the airplane; 3. Safe Mode: control the airplane with pre-set parameters including altitude and direction; 4. 3D Lock Mode: hold the position when actuated and 5. Autopilot Off Mode: pilot takes full control of the airplane.


Moreover, Z3 Z3 has an innovative and simple way to actuate the horizontal calibration, in the way that a computer or power reset are not needed.


Z3 is compatible with ALL of major 2.4 G systems in the market (Futaba, Spektrum, etc.) and it supports DSM, S.BUS, PWM receivers. Pairing with a Detrum 3 in 1 program card, the parameters can be easily programmed.


Together with Detrum Blitz DT-9 and RXC9M system, the telemetry function provides real time flight information, including, attitude, speed, altitude, distance, satellite reception. Flight information (max, min, average) is recorded and available for pilots to review after the flight is complete.



If you already have a Detrum Blitz DT9 or 8C transmitter, all you need is a SR86A-G GPS autopilot receiver, which has all the functions of Z3 . You may enjoy the fun with easy binding process.


Already have a Fixed-wing airplane or transmitter? Why not update it into a fixed-wing UAV with Detrum Z3 Flight Controller