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 D-CAM Brings You HD and Wide Vision  [06/19/2018]


In outdoor sports and aerial photography applications, action cameras have gradually become an essential device for recording. D-CAM camera came into being, is lightweight and portable, and has the amazing performance of professional camera. It can make you have fun and enjoyable.


Small Size, good Appearance

The appearance is simple and smooth with ergonomic button structure, the small size (42mm*75mm*22mm) and light weight (with battery 62g, without battery 44g) make it very suitable for outdoor sports and FPV use.


Quad HD 2K

Provide 3 kinds of video resolution, the highest code rate can reach 24Mbps. Users can select Quad HD (2560*1440@30fps) for high resolution, or select a high frame rate (1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps) for smoother and more realistic video.


Wide Angle Lens

With a 2.5mm lens, the angle of field is FOV150°, which is wider than most of the cameras.


Very Simple to Use

You can take photos or recordings at any time without changing modes, it is very simple to use.

Low Power Consumption, Large Battery Capacity, Removable Battery

The D-CAM has a built-in 1050mAh battery, can carry out continuous recording for more than 90 minutes. Charging is very simple and you can start charging just by connecting the D-CAM USB port to the power supply without removing the battery. And the battery can be disassembled and replaced. Since then, there is no need to worry about running out of the battery.


Loop Recording

After this function is enabled, the recording process continues to record at the beginning, erasing the previously recorded material and replacing it with the content. The video segment length can be set.


USB Disk Mode

When switching to USB disk mode, you can access the SD card without removing the SD card, only by using a USB cable to connect the computer.


Support PWM Control, Take Photo/Recording Remotely

D-CAM outputs 2 PWM signals, you can use the cable included in the box to connect it to the receiver. Then you can take photo/recording remotely via the RC transmitter.


Support WiFi

With the self-developed APP, allows you to connect the camera via a mobile device for live preview, parameters settings (image quality, white balance, resolution, exposure, etc.), recording, photo shooting, sharing photo/recording to networks, etc.

The camera can be controlled from a distance to take photos and videos through the APP, and the distance can reach 30 meters without interference.

Currently only Android APP is supported.


FPV Camera

The most popular application of D-CAM is carrying it on the aircraft for recording, connecting it to a video transmitter (such as Detrum DVT58). Then the video receiver and display device on the ground station can display the video sent from the D-CAM, to achieve FPV function.



Integrated OSD

D-CAM has integrated OSD function, then you can know the status of the camera in real time, such as battery level, video status, etc., It is convenient in FPV use.


Suitable for a Variety of Scenarios

Mounted on the multi-rotors and airplanes

Mounted on the cars

In outdoor sports, tied it to arms and bicycles for shooting

Used as a driving recorder






4   megapixels, 2umx2um

Angle of   Field

FOV 150°

Encode   Format

JPG, H.264

Video   Resolution

2560*1440@30fps,   1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps

Video   Files



Stereo,   16Bit@16kHz

TV Output


SD Card

FAT32/exFat,   max Micro SD Card supported is 64G (need class 10 or above)


Micro USB



Battery   Capacity

1050mAh, continuous   recording for more than 90 minutes




62g (with   battery) /44g (without battery)