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 Black Widow——Dynam P-61 1.5m Warbird   [09/20/2017]

We are so proud to announce that the new product Dynam P-61 Black Widow 1.5m twin-engined warbirds will be launched in next days. Believe that most of pilots are familiar with P-61. Named for the American spider, it was the first operational U.S. warplane designed as a night fighter with nearly all black appearance.


Now just four P-61s are known to survive today and most of them are stored in museum. Obviously, it is difficult for people who like the P-61 best to take it home and fly in the sky again!

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Luckily, you can choose the Dynam P-61 Black Widow 1.5m warbird to suit your love for P-61 because of the familiar scale outline.


Twotiered canopy design and all transparent tail-cone fully reflect the P-61 features.

Both upper turrets and lower fuselage all have four guns and the former can change the direction by pilots.

Last, there are bombs and auxiliary fuel tank on the lower fuselage which has excellent detail.



Dynam P-61 Black Widow 1.5m adopts two Tomcat BM3512A-KV650 motors to provide enough power and uses the skylord 40A ESCs to control precisely. The counter-rotating 10.5×8 propellers effectively bring good flight performance and scale appearance. 4S 4000mAh battery can greatly extend the flight time for pilot.


The four flaps design can increase the takeoff speed and reduce the landing speed, which makes the flight smoothly.



Considering the convenience of assembly and transport, Dynam P-61 Black Widows outer wings and rear engine nacelles can be detected. As for a large airplane, Dynam P-61 can be portable to carry.


There are four navigation lights on the Dynam P-61 Black Widow. The light on the left wing tip is red and on the right is green. The two lights on the leading edge of the wing are white. Pilots can understand the location and working direction of the airplane during the night flight by these lights.



Multiple configurations are provided to pilots.PNP configuration includes the airplane, servos, ESCs and motors. Based on the PNP, RTF adds the transmitter, receiver, battery and charger, and RTB adds the stabilization receiver. SRTF adds the transmitter, battery and charger based on the RTB.




Wingspan------- 1500mm (59in)

Length---------1126mm (44.3in)

Wing Area-------34dm²

Flying Weight---- 2450g

Wing Loading------72g/dm²


Propeller--------10.5*8 four-blade*2

ESC-----------Skylord 40A*2

Servo----------9g*9 17g*1

Battery---------14.8V 4000mAh 25C

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